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Company "Union Kehlibar" Ltd. designs, constructs and manufactures packaging machinery, food processing machines and dosing devices for the necessities of food, wine and tobacco industries.
The company is specialized in developing and offering of complete non-standard solutions, according to the specific necessities of our customers.
The wrapping and the packaging become more and more important part of the production process of each enterprise, and thats why our company tries to be in step with the new trends in the development of the packaging branch. Our aim to meet and to response to the increasing requirements of our customers makes us to introduce all new technologies in the sphere of the packaging machines and the wrapping machinery.
The last innovation which our company has introduced is so called high-speed multihead weigher or combination weigher.
This type of weighers gets more and more popularity worldwide because of its precision and speed of dosing.
The information presented here is meant to acquaint you with the multispot dosimeter which we offer, believing it would satisfy optimally your requirements regarding the price, speed and efficiency of dosing.
In the section multihead weighers you will find information about the principle of operation, the technical specifications and characteristics of this type dosing devices. We hope that the presented information is sufficiently clear and comprehensive in order you to get an idea about the operation of the machine.
This site is fully devoted to the multihead weighers. If you want to get acquainted with the entire activity of the company, you are welcome to our main web page www.unionkehlibar.com
Greetings from the whole team of "Union Kehlibar" Ltd.
Video of the multihead weigher (combination weigher)
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